The Magic of Make Believe Play

The Magic of Make Believe Play

Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein

Role play, dramatic play, make believe - which ever name it goes by, imaginative play is an amazing use of time for children! I find it wonderful to observe, listening to my children take on a role and immersing themselves in a whole new world.

Ice Cream Role Play Shop - Lune Bear Printable


Dramatic play encourages children to develop their language skills, experimenting with different vocabulary, strengthening their understanding of conversations and practicing applying new words to their sentences.
Have you noticed in your children's make believe play how they may pretend to be a "grown up", developing a sense of responsibility perhaps even guiding a younger sibling? This type of play develops cognitive skills and allows children to work on their social skills, turn taking and problem solving.

Kindergarten Roleplay Printable Downloads - Lune Bear


My girls LOVE role play, our latest set-up enabled them to create an Ice-Cream parlor which they have been playing in on and off for over a week already! I added in bits to support my daughters' learning as we are a home-school family and I believe learning naturally through play is truly best!

The Ice Cream Role Play includes:

  • Bunting to support letter recognition and early reading.
  • Loyalty Card - I provided a hole punch to support hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This was a huge hit and my girls also discussed how many they had received, how many more they needed etc...
  • A menu and order form - Includes prices for number recognition for my 3 year old and simple addition for my 5 year old when she wanted to buy multiple items! Having an order form encouraged my youngest to mark make too.
  • Mini flags - these were a huge hit and so simple!
  • Opening Times - Again, this simple addition allowed some extended conversations around times and routines which we were able to continue discussing whilst studying a clock face!
Ice Cream Shop Pretend Play - Lune Bear


We added our luxury organic playdough, which is a truly fabulous sensory resource and the hours lost to magical make believe play really speak for themselves!

Find our Ice Cream printable here: Ice Cream Parlour Printable Play Pack!

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Have fun, and See The Magic in Every Day!

Lune Bear


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