Super Secret Spy Misson, Ready?

Super Secret Spy Mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write and de-code a magical message to someone special! Ready?
You will need:
  • White paper (the thicker the better we found!)
  • A white crayon
  • Water coloured paint / watered down paint
  • Paint brushes

This super simple activity was a huge hit with my girls! They loved preparing a secret message to each other and really concentrated on what they were trying to achieve.

two girls writing their secret notes using white crayon and watery paint

Using the white crayon, write your secret message. I wrote one for my girls, whilst they drew each other pictures. My 5 year-old, wrote a simple message too and I provided an alphabet sheet as this is something she is interested in! This activity is great for practicing pencil grip and control whilst also supporting imagination through illustrations. We also chatted about the magic of what was happening and why we could not see the white crayon whilst writing!

Children's writing activity shows young girls revealing text with purple paint

Using the watery paint, lightly paint over the crayon marks to reveal the message!
We found some bits revealed themselves quicker than others, which made the whole experience even more magical!

Secret writing with white crayon and paint


Let us know how your super spy cubs get on! We can't wait to see your photographs. We'll be trying some other magical writing activities soon so be soon so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to follow along!

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Have fun, and See The Magic in Every Day! 


Lune Bear 


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