Recycle & Play - Enchanting Cardboard Craft Ideas

Recycle & Play - Enchanting Cardboard Crafts for Children

These Cardboard Crafts for Children are a fun little craft idea to promote recycling that Little Cubs of all ages can enjoy!

If, like us, you seem to have a mountain of cardboard from all that online shopping and are looking for something super creative for the children to do (whilst you maybe continue online shopping! Hey, they're going to need more cardboard, right?!) then these tried and tested cardboard crafts are perfect!

Whether you are looking for a cheap and cheerful educational game or just some fun creative projects, you can create these lovely enchanting crafts using cardboard and a few basic craft supplies.

Our Favourite Cardboard Crafts:

  1. Nature Wands
  2. Forest Fairy Crown
  3. Bear Bowling
  4. Easter Bunny Egg Carton Portraits

You may need:

  • Cardboard - Boxes, Egg Cartons, toilet tissue tubes
  • Scissors
  • Glue and/or con-tact paper
  • Paint
  • Pens
  • Natural Resources

    Nature Wands

      Cardboard Nature Wand by Lune Bear

      With the start of Spring now upon us, we set off to make these magical nature wands!

      Cutting the chosen shape from the cardboard, my girls chose hearts, a star would look cute too, but honestly - whichever shape you or your child chooses the magic behind the craft idea is what matters. Allowing them to choose makes this craft their own and they are more likely to engage fully!

      I cut out the middle to make a frame-like shape and backed it using some con-tact paper. I have scraps of con-tact paper left over from my sun catcher kits so this was perfect for us!

      Armed with a cardboard frame, we headed outside! My girls collected whichever natural treasures caught their eye! From little twigs, to small leaves and berries they carefully stuck them to their wands and carried on. Opting to use a larger stick for the wand handle was a lovely touch which I added a little string to!

      From here, my girls had a wand each and an afternoon of make-believe play! All from a few bits we already had around us!

      1. Forest Fairy Crown

        1. Forest Fairy Crown from Natural Resources | Lune Bear
        2. Forest Fairy Crowns are one of my most favourite activities! Not only are they ridiculously cute and simple, this magical craft idea gets my girls outside exploring for hours.
        3. Using a piece of thinner cardboard, cut into a strip (or zig-zag for a crown shape) and size against your child's head. Secure with tape or glue in a crown shape. (We prefer to wear and stick items as we go, but you could do this any way you preferred.) Again, we used left over con-tact paper which we folded to be like double-sided tape, but have often done this activity just using a glue stick which works just as magically.
        4. From a home-school point of view, we get lots of discussion from activities like this about the weather, the flowers, the sights and sounds we see, which is great!
        5. Bear 10 Pin Bowling

        6. Number Bonds - Bear Bowling by Lune Bear
        7. Number bonds to 10 are a super important foundation for children learning their mathematical concepts and this bowling game was a huge hit with my 5 year old who has started to take an interest in adding and subtracting. I first used this game idea during a teacher training placement but this time I obviously adapted it to feature our Lune Bear theme!
        8. Using toilet paper tubes, we painted and decorated 10 to look like bears and I printed off the little Subtraction Bowling Work Sheet I made, which you can download for free.
        9. Prepping the Bear Bowling, you need to set your pins up with four at the back, then three, two and one. We used a golf ball to bowl the pins down. The worksheet is set out beautifully for children to extract the number concepts needed. Starting with 10, my daughter knew to count how many she knocked down and was able to work out how many she had left using her increasing knowledge in number bonds to 10. To extend this activity, I encouraged her to work backwards to check her answer. For example, she knocked down 7 so 10-7=3. Working backwards, 3+7=10! I feature the pins on the worksheet too so children can cross the knocked down pins off if they need to, which works great to support younger or less confident learners.
        10. Check out my instagram reels to see her happy dance!
        11. Easter Bunny Egg Carton Portraits

        12. Egg Carton Craft Easter Bunny by Lune Bear
        13. How adorable are these Easter Bunny inspired egg carton crafts! This idea was inspired by a lovely Instagram Mama I follow, you can follow her home-school journey here!
        14. Using left over cardboard, egg cartons and some spare tissue paper my littlest cubs set to work creating their own versions! This easy craft idea enables their imagination and enhances their creativity. Using scissors and manipulating their resources also supports their fine motor skills and independence. I love how their little personalities shine through in their designs, as you can see one has added a necklace and flowers to her design!
        15. Have you got a favourite go-to craft for your cardboard? Let us know below and we can add you and your idea to our post!

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          Have fun, and See The Magic in Every Day!


          Lune Bear


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