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The Frozen in Time, Icy Craft Activity 


"She cannot receive any power from me greater than she now has, which consists in her own purity and innocence of heart." - Hans Christian Andersen. 


Freezing temperatures and a flurry of snow - perfect for Icy Sun Catchers!
This simple, yet beautiful craft idea is a winner with my girls.
You will need:
  • Natural Treasures
  • Small container
  • Water
  • Some string if you'd like to hang it up
  • Somewhere to freeze the sun catcher!

Dressed in our winter gear, we headed out discussing what magical treasures we could find for our icy sun catcher. From fallen pine cones to brightly coloured berries, they carefully selected their items and placed them in our little container. 
Adding some water, enough to cover the treasures we left the sun catcher to freeze outside! The girls, in all their excitement, checked on this several times which also aided our discussion into cold temperatures and the properties of water! (If you are wanting to hang your sun catcher up, add the bottom of loop of string to the water before it freezes!) 



Two young girls handling their frozen treasures - ice sun catcher
Natural items displayed in frozen block of ice. Blog refers to icy sun catchers



You could also use this activity to support your child's interests, for example add mini dinosaurs, letters, numbers...We like to 'rescue' the contents sometimes too!
This really is a simple, magical idea and if you give it a try please let us know over on instagram! We love seeing your photographsSee the Magic Here.

Have fun, and See The Magic in Every Day! 
Lune Bear



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